Al-Andalusia’s goal is to reach as much of the Muslim community as possible, in Spain and South America, providing them with the divine knowledge and spirituality needed to become successful in this life and the next, and inspiring them to become role models in their societies so they can show and share the beautiful message of Islam.

We need to act fast and we need your support to make this change.



Al-Andalusia Education Junta de Andalucía

N. Registration 17979 

Idrissi Foundation | UK Charity Registered

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C/ Los Romeros, 7, 41009, Seville, Spain

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There is an URGENT need to provide sound Islamic Education to the rapidly growing Spanish Muslim Community. Al-Andalusia is working tirelessly to make this a reality. After 8 years of serving the local community with Islamic courses for children and adults, support for new Muslims and dawah activities; Al-Andalusia has now gone international! Reaching the Spanish-Speaking Muslim community of the world, from Spain to America.

There are more than 500 million people who speak Spanish worldwide, mostly in 23 countries, and a great number of them are embracing Islam every day.


¡Be a part of this amazing work and share in the immense reward! With your du’as & donations.



It was at the end of 2013 when Al-Andalusia Education was founded by Sh. Mohammad Idrissi in Spain. Everything started in the city of Seville, in an area known by its multiracial population, la Macarena. A place that was before a pub, became an Islamic Center providing education and dawah activities to the local community.


Today, after 8 years of hard work & much effort, Al-Andalusia Education now has over 350 students, from 17 different countries, from all ages. Teaching onsite and online, Al-Andalusia is the first Islamic Institution to provide a career in Arabic and Islamic Sciences in Spanish and Arabic, divided into different levels to prepare Kuttab (maktab) teachers, Imams and ulama, men and women, from all the Spanish-speaking Muslim world.


Currently fundraising for the following projects

Purchasing a building:

    To buy the premises we are working from. 270m2 space with 6 classes, two offices, a prayer hall and wudu facilities for 120,000€. Each square meter costs 444€.

(Would you like to have your name in our donors mural or the name of the person you are donating for, like your parents or grandparents? After making the donation contact us. Details are below.)

Project Salam:

A da’wah project to share the beauty of Islam with the Spanish-speaking community and support new Muslims in their path.

Support a child at Al-Andalusia Academy:

Unfortunately, some families struggle to pay the fees. 25€ monthly or 250€ for a year, covers the fees of a student studying at Al-Andalusia Academy. 


Support a student of knowledge at Instituto Al-Andalusia

Support to cover the students who are preparing to teach in a kuttab (maktab), become an imam/murshidah or an alim/alimah. The fees is 49€ monthly and 450€ yearly, so just with the fees we can not cover all the costs.


Support us with a monthly donation, Paypal or Bank Transfer.


Al-Andalusia Education

 Junta de Andalucía N. Registration 17979 

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Idrissi Foundation

 UK Charity Registered Number 1186426

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